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I’m a dreamer, an optimist and a writer. I want to create memories. Whether it’s by writing down my feelings, taking pictures at every opportunity or planning my outfit for that day I attempt to make every day have some kind of memory. I’m always trying to look on the bright side and if I struggle with that I look up the many different blogs, magazines, people that inspire me and feel renewed. Food is a big part of my life. I mean, if you have to eat it three times a day (at least) it has to be, right?  I’m odd and different, breakfast is slowly becoming one of my favourite meals of the day. However I crave chocolate 24/7. I dream of New York, the future and being a journalist probably too much but I figure that is what inspires me to keep going most of the time.
I live in a small village just outside London. Although I love the countryside my heart is calling for a city. I hope to move to one in the near-future for university but at the moment my life is split between studying for my A-levels (Photography, English Lit/Lang, History and Classics) , dancing and of course, blogging.
 I probably use the word 'love' too much, my dreams are probably a little too big and I probably care about likes on instagram too much but the teenage years are the years to make mistakes, exaggerate and find yourself, right?
So that's me bundled into a short paragraph, if you have any questions feel free to contact me at stylestorey@hotmail.co.uk

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